Rolls-Royce Ekleipsis Private Collection

Rolls-Royce has introduced a special version of the Ghost sedan called Ekleipsis Private Collection. They decided to dedicate the new product that the Bespoke division was working on to a solar eclipse. The car was released in a limited edition of 25 copies. All of them have already found their owners, but the prices for the car are not known.

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The sedan body is painted in a special Lyrical Copper color. At the same time, the new product received special inserts in the tangerine-colored bumper. The car’s brake calipers are also painted in the same color.

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The interior of the car is equipped with two-tone leather seats, as well as a special watch with a 0.5-carat diamond. There are 1,860 stars laser engraved on the car’s dashboard. When the Ghost engine is turned on, the “starry sky” ceiling lighting in the cabin is activated. Passengers can see an animated circle of 940 stars, representing the sun’s corona. The visual effect lasts 7 minutes 31 seconds (that’s how long a real eclipse usually lasts).

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Rolls-Royce Ekleipsis Private Collection is equipped with a modernized 6.75-liter V12 engine with two turbines producing 600 hp. and 900 Nm. The engine is paired with an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission.

Photo: Car & Driver
Source: Auto News