Hiring a car in Baku (with a driver) from “RENT A CAR BAKU EXPRESS” is an excellent opportunity to arrive just in time at the airport, hotel or other place by your choice.

You will forget problems like: car parking, traffic jams and the need to find the most optimal route. Our “RENT A CAR BAKU EXPRESS” drivers are real professionals in their work with excellent knowledge of the city and will be happy to assist you in a variety of situations.

Rates for a car rental service in Baku (with a driver service & petrol) depend on the brand, class of the selected car and the rental period. First you just need to choose a car based on your preferences, and tell us the date of arrival / departure.After we will select the best service for you with the most optimal conditions.

RENTACARBAKUU.com provides reliable and high quality transfer services.
All prices are for 11 hours of work at Baku city.
The price includes: professional driver service, refueled clean car.

Hyundai Elantra 2018   Hyundai Elantra 201870 AZN50 AZN
Hyundai Sonata 2016   Hyundai Sonata 201680 AZN60 AZN
BMW 5-Series 2021   BMW 5-Series 2021400 AZN150 AZN
Mercedes Benz E-Class 2015   Mercedes Benz E-Class 2015140 AZN70 AZN
Mercedes Benz E-Class 2021   Mercedes Benz E-Class 2021350 AZN130 AZN
Mercedes Benz S-Class 2017   Mercedes Benz S-Class 2017280 AZN120 AZN
Mercedes Benz S-Class 2020   Mercedes Benz S-Class 2020450 AZN150 AZN
Mercedes Benz S-Class 2021   Mercedes Benz S-Class 20211,500 AZN500 AZN
Mercedes Benz GLS-Class 2020   Mercedes Benz GLS-Class 2018350 AZN160 AZN
BMW X5 2020   BMW X5 2020400 AZN150 AZN
BMW X7 2020   BMW X7 2020500 AZN180 AZN
Range Rover Vogue 2015   Range Rover Vogue 2015350 AZN150 AZN
Range Rover Vogue 2020   Range Rover Vogue 2020850 AZN300 AZN
Bentley Mulsanne 2015   Bentley Mulsanne 20151,500 AZN600 AZN
Rolls Royce Ghost 2015   Rolls Royce Ghost 20151,500 AZN600 AZN
Hyundai H1 2020   Hyundai H1 2020170 AZN80 AZN
Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer 2017   Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer 2017200 AZN80 AZN
Mercedes Benz V-Class 2018   Mercedes Benz V-Class 2018250 AZN100 AZN
Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2017   Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2017130 AZN70 AZN
Hyundai County 2015   Hyundai County 2015160 AZN90 AZN
Isuzu Novo 2015   Isuzu Novo 2015160 AZN90 AZN
Mercedes Benz 403 2008   Mercedes Benz 403 2008200 AZN120 AZN
Mercedes Benz Travego 2012   Mercedes Benz Travego 2012220 AZN140 AZN
Man Neoplan 2015   Man Neoplan 2015400 AZN400 AZN