Toyota Kayoibako

Toyota showed photos of the electric concept transformer. This unusual new product, as conceived by the developers, is more of a platform for various purposes that can be modified as needed. So, an electric car can be a camper for family travel or a commercial van for transporting goods. The debut of the new product is scheduled for the Tokyo Japan Mobility Show, which opens on October 26.

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Toyota’s “cubic” electric car is called Kayoibako. One of the design features is the unusual glazing line. In the rear part of the body, narrow elongated windows run almost under the roof, and the front ones smoothly flow into the windshield.

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The main feature of the concept is its versatility. You can place passenger seats inside the car and turn it into a small bus, completely remove all the seats and turn the Kayoibako into a truck, and even use it as a mobile food truck.

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Author: Anastasiya Melnik