Rental Defender in Baku

The most powerful Land Rover Defender was shown in motion on video. The Defender Octa is preparing for its debut – Land Rover itself describes this version as the most powerful and fastest. It is known that such an SUV will receive the 6D Dynamics adaptive air suspension from the Range Rover Sport SV and a V8 Twin Turbo engine with a 48-volt add-on. The full premiere will take place on July 3, but in the meantime the British automaker is demonstrating the off-road capabilities of the new product.

Land Rover tested the Defender Octa in a variety of conditions – in addition to the standard test cycle, thousands of other tests were carried out, including in Sweden, on the German Nürburgring and French rally tracks, in the Arabian deserts and in the Mojave Desert in the United States. These adventures of Defender Octa were shown in the video.

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