Brabus XLP 900 6x6 Superblack

Brabus showed a 900-horsepower “super black” brutal pickup truck with three axles. The tuning studio is one of the leaders in finalizing the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, but this seemed not enough to the company and it first turned the Gelendvagen into a pickup truck, and then this pickup truck was converted into an even more extreme version with three axles. The six-wheeled model debuted in two versions at once – the conventionally base Brabus XLP 800 6×6 Adventure with an 800-horsepower engine and the flagship 900-horsepower Brabus XLP 900 6×6 Superblack. From a technical point of view, both cars are identical.

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The key differences between the two modifications are the chosen design theme and the engine upgrade program. If the Brabus XLP 800 6×6 Adventure has a snow-white body and an almost standard 4.0-liter V8, supplemented only by more efficient turbines and a new control unit, then the jet-black body of the Brabus XLP 900 6×6 Superblack hides more serious technical changes.

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The standard Mercedes-AMG turbo engine was supplemented by specialists from Bottrop with new turbines, reinforced pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft, a more efficient fuel system and a number of other improvements. In combination with an increase in displacement to 4.4 liters, this made it possible to obtain already 900 horsepower.

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The resulting monster weighing about 4.5 tons from standstill to 100 km / h accelerates in 5.2 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 210 kilometers per hour. The price of the Brabus XLP 900 6×6 Superblack starts from 1.1 million euros, but the final price will depend on the wishes of the client in terms of interior trim. The cost of a six-wheeled pickup truck includes one and a half thousand trees planted by Brabus.

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Author: Aleksandr Ponomarev