Limousine KGB

At all times in the USSR they knew that the head of the country drives a ZIL limousine, but few people managed to look inside this car, let alone sit in it. In the meantime, Soviet light industry triumphed in its interior: leather, wood, and wool trim from various parts of the USSR. But today we will show a completely different limousine. If the layman saw his salon, he would be surprised a lot: no luxuries – all the decorations were removed as unnecessary, a huge sunroof, deep pockets in which Kalashnikov assault rifles lie.

And all because this ZIL was ordered not for the first person of the state, but for its protection. Indeed, even on special Volgas with V8, it was not easy to keep up with the representative cars of the government, and in the ninth “security” department of the KGB they went in an interesting way: they ordered special ZILs with special equipment to escort and protect senior officials. And these are not just limousines: Scorpions are adapted even for firing from a machine gun in any convenient direction! And the surprises are just beginning. In general, press the view button and see all the details!

By the way, the armored ZIL was intended for President Boris Yeltsin, which Scorpio could not boast of. View an overview of this special limousine here. And in the service in the Scorpion Special Purpose Garage, Gelandevagens were replaced in a special configuration, with an elongated body and sliding doors – here you can see how this car differed from the regular one. You’ve never seen a Mercedes like this!

Author: Ilya Frolov