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The new Alfa Romeo Tonale hybrid SUV will support non-fungible NFT token technology, the Italian brand announced on Tuesday during the presentation of the car.

The company claims to be the first in the industry to use NFT to certify a vehicle. The technology will allow recording and storing data throughout its life cycle. To do this, the car must be serviced by an authorized Alfa Romeo dealer.

NFTs are unique and cannot be divided. Such tokens are used to confirm the ownership of the object, they cannot be replaced without the consent of the owner.

The 2023 Tonale SUV will be the first step in the automaker’s move away from internal combustion engines. By 2027, the brand with more than 110 years of history plans to sell exclusively electric vehicles, Larry Dominik, head of the company’s North American division, told CNBC in an interview.

Orders for Tonale will open in the fourth quarter of this year. At the moment, the company has not announced prices for the electric car.

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