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Five new 2012 Volkswagen Santana sedans were found in a Chinese warehouse. This model is considered iconic in the Middle Kingdom, as it marked the beginning of the transformation of the automobile market in the country. Debuting in 1983, the Santana became one of the most sought-after cars for local motorists. The first generation of the sedan was produced in China until 2013. Now, five iconic cars have been found in one of the local warehouses, preserved in factory condition.

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The cars were discovered by specialists from a Chinese company that sells spare parts for old Volkswagen models. All five sedans with black fabric interiors are completely factory equipped and have never been seen on the road. The cars are equipped with 1.8-liter gasoline engines producing 102 horsepower and five-speed manual transmissions.

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Volkswagen Santana became the first European model to be mass produced in China. The sedan received the status of a “people’s car” for its durable body, spacious interior and ease of maintenance. With each generation, new technical solutions and expanded functionality appeared in Santana. However, it was the first generation sedan that became a cult car in China.

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Author: Anastasiya Melnik