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The Canadian company Inkas Armored, which specializes in the creation of armored vehicles and the armoring of standard vehicles, presented its new project – the latest generation Toyota Hilux pickup truck was taken as the basis. Specialists are ready to protect a pickup truck with both a short and a two-row cab with armor, and the model can be equipped with both a gasoline and a diesel engine. Inkas Armored is positioning its Hilux variant as a unique vehicle capable of withstanding the harshest conditions anywhere in the world.

Like other projects of the Canadian company, the novelty received a capsule booking of the passenger compartment, hidden from prying eyes. Externally, an armored pickup truck can only be distinguished by wide black glazing frames and visually thicker glass.

Run-flat tires, reinforced suspension and armor protection of key units are provided. The Toyota Hilux has received a protection level of BR6, which means that the model can withstand the simultaneous detonation of two DM51 grenades, as well as an attack using small arms of 7.62 mm caliber.

At the same time, versions protected according to a simpler standard are available. From the point of view of equipment and technical characteristics, the model does not change – the armored car retains the standard units. At the same time, the list of additional equipment is richer than that of a standard pickup truck and includes a lot of special options.

Inkas Armored Toyota Hilux

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Author: Aleksandr Ponomarev