Rent a Car 2025

The assembly of Tesla electric cars at a plant in Berlin was shown through the eyes of a drone. In 2022, the long-awaited Tesla Gigafactory opened in Germany – the Gigafactory Berlin enterprise is located 35 kilometers from the German capital in Brandenburg. The plant became Tesla’s fourth industrial site in the world and the first in Europe where American electric vehicles will be produced. Anyone can now learn how production processes are structured using the most interesting video presented by Tesla.

The American automaker flew a drone around the Giga Berlin factory, the camera lens of which captured all production processes – stamping presses creating body panels for electric vehicles, robots welding parts into finished bodies, a painting line, as well as final assembly stations and several areas where control Tesla quality at different stages of assembly.

Every day, about 13 thousand employees of the company in the German capital produce about a thousand Tesla electric vehicles. At the start of production in Berlin, only the Tesla Model Y crossover and batteries for it are assembled, and by 2025, when Giga Berlin reaches the planned production volume of half a million electric vehicles per year, the German-made Tesla model line will also expand.

Sources: Motor, Tesla