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Genesis showed what a huge electric SUV can be. The Neolun concept debuted in New York – this is the largest Genesis car, which in the future may become a production model GV90. The name of the show car is formed from two words, the Greek neo – new, and the Latin luna – moon, and the design was inspired by the famous Korean moon vases. Neolun’s feature is the rotating front seats: they can be rotated so that the driver and front passenger sit facing the passengers in the second row.

Genesis Neolun Concept

Neolun is designed to provide maximum comfort for passengers. For example, the rear doors open against the direction of travel to make it easier to get in and out, there are no B pillars, and the second row has two high-comfort seats with pull-out ottomans and extensive lateral support, separated by an unusually shaped armrest.

There are two screens mounted on the ceiling, and advanced audio system speakers are installed throughout the cabin – each of them is located in a specific way to create a surround sound effect, like in a concert hall. The interior is decorated with cashmere in the Royal Indigo shade, which is combined with Purple Silk leather, while the floor is made of natural wood.

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The front panel has a huge rectangular screen, but the dashboard in its usual form is missing. The climate system is also implemented in an unusual way: instead of warm air coming from the air ducts, heat is emitted by heating panels integrated into the front panel, door cards, floor and seat backs.

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