Одежда от Bugatti

Watches, glasses, clothes, shoes, food and other unexpected creations of automobile companies.

Millions of fans around the world dream of powerful supercars, luxury limousines and off-road iconic brands. However, not everyone can afford such cars, so manufacturers offer fans compensation in the form of branded accessories. This is how famous names appear on products that have nothing to do with the automotive industry. However, most often these projects are created by specialized firms, and the participation of automobile companies turns out to be purely nominal.

Watches from Land Rover

The firm will release 25 classic Defenders in the Works V8 Trophy II version. This event is dedicated to a special clock. A total of 1,000 Elliot Brown Trophy Expedition chronographs will be made.

Часы от Land Rover

Stroller from Mercedes-AMG

A division of Mercedes-Benz and Hartan have created their new baby stroller, the Mercedes-AMG GT, with dimensions of 69 x 58.5 x 31 centimeters. Premium materials are used in the decoration, and the wheels look like those of real German cars. The price has not been named. The circulation will be 299 pieces.

Коляска от Mercedes-AMG

Office chair from Mercedes-AMG

An armchair for 3.5 thousand euros is sold under the slogan from car to office (“from car to office”).

Офисное кресло от Mercedes-AMG

Furniture by Bentley

The firm created its first set of outdoor furniture – Solstice (“Solstice”). It includes a sofa, an armchair, a pouffe, a deck chair and two tables.

Мебель от Bentley

Watches from Ferrari

The Italian automaker and Richard Mille have unveiled their first joint project, the RM UP-01 Ferrari: the world’s thinnest mechanical watch costs as much as four hypercars.

Часы от Ferrari

Ice cream from Porsche

The company dedicated popsicles in five colors from its range to National Ice Cream Day, which is celebrated in the United States on July 17th.

Мороженое от Porsche

Glasses from Maybach

Mercedes-Benz Chief Stylist Gordon Wagener has created another accessory from the Icons of Luxury range – The Creator sunglasses made of gold, titanium and buffalo horns.

Очки от Maybach

Clothes and shoes from Bugatti

Together with the UYN (Unleash Your Nature) brand from Italy, the company created the UYN for Bugatti collection.

Одежда и обувь от Bugatti

Author: Sergey Sechnev
Source: Motor.ru