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Acura introduced the harbinger of the serial ZDX electric car.

In a few years, the first electric car will appear in the Acura model line, which will be called the ZDX. The index was borrowed from the recent past of the Japanese brand: under this name, a cross-coupe with a V6 engine was produced under this name in 2009-2013. The new ZDX will debut in 2024, but already now you can get an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bhow it will be – the debut of its harbinger, the Acura Precision EV Concept concept crossover, has taken place.

Parent Honda has been producing electric cars for a long time, but Acura still didn’t have them. Two years ago, the Japanese automaker agreed to cooperate with General Motors, in which the American side provided the Ultium platform for electric vehicles. Honda has already tried this architecture on the Prologue concept, now it’s Acura’s turn.

Ultium formed the basis of the Precision EV show car, a forerunner of the ZDX production electric crossover. The concept demonstrates the “future of Acura design”: it has sharp edges that are in harmony with the overall smooth lines of the body, and in place of the radiator grille there is a recognizable pentagonal cap with a light pattern.

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The nose has an unusual pointed shape – this stylistic decision of Acura designers was inspired by classic Italian boats. Another spectacular solution is fog lights, made in the form of a scattering of luminous elements. Special attention deserves 23-inch wheels, the spokes of which are in harmony with the foglights: they are coated with a three-dimensional pattern, which received the brand name Particle Glitch.

In the interior – minimalism and geometric shapes. Two transparent screens are installed in the cabin, and the butterfly steering wheel, more reminiscent of a steering wheel, retracts into the front panel when the autopilot is activated. In this mode, relaxing animations are played on the displays. As for the finishes, only environmentally friendly materials have been used: wood, recycled plastic, acrylic and aluminum.

Acura has already officially confirmed the appearance of a serial ZDX electric crossover in 2024. It also became known that the model will have a “charged” version of the ZDX Type S.

Acura ZDX 2024

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Author: Liza Budrina