Rent a Car 2023

There are no two ways about it-Kia has been kicking butt lately with its all-electric offerings.

The Kia EV6 has officially taken over the sporty flagship position in the lineup from the outgoing (gas-fed) Stinger, and we were very impressed with the full-size EV9 SUV that just debuted. Kia isn’t waiting around for the iron to cool off, though, and is pulling the curtain off its newest concept previewing a new midsize electric SUV, the EV5.

Kia EV5

The EV5 concept was revealed during the Kia Chinese EV Day event, which is fitting since the automaker confirmed that the production version of the EV5 is slated to hit the Chinese market later this year. Judging by the name we think it’s safe to assume that the production EV5 will slot in below or alongside the compact-ish EV6 and perhaps dial back performance in exchange for greater range.

Kia Azerbaijan

We won’t know more until Kia eventually brings the EV5 concept to America in the not-too-distant future. By then we might be able to compare the feature set between the Korean market and U.S. market versions.

Rent a Car Baku

Author: Andrew Beckford