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The largest crossover of the Chinese brand Exeed changed generation. The full-sized VX survived the first generation change, moved to a new platform and received an automatic transmission to replace the old “robot”. In the second generation, the car has become stronger and safer – more than three dozen auxiliary systems have been announced for it. The design was also revised: the exterior was updated pointwise, and a single console with three screens appeared in the cabin.

Exeed VX 2023

In the company itself, the novelty is called the second generation, since the new VX is now based on the M3X 2.0 platform: it has a different suspension design, the body has become stiffer, and the list of electronic assistants includes 32 auxiliary systems.

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At the same time, the engine remained the same – it is a 2.0-liter unit SQRF4J20C, which develops 261 horsepower in the specification for the Chinese market. But now it is combined not with a robotic gearbox, but with an eight-speed automatic. Drive, as before, front or full.

Аренда Авто в Баку

External differences come down to a new radiator grille with vertical slats and a larger front bumper with enlarged optics sections. But the main changes took place in the interior: a digital cluster appeared, consisting of three screens, a steering wheel with touch buttons and seat settings control units placed on the door cards in the manner of Mercedes-Benz.

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The front seats are equipped with heating, ventilation and massage, for the second row heating and ventilation are provided, and for the third row there is an electric drive for folding the backs. Also announced is an active noise cancellation system, a multimedia system based on Qualcomm’s 8155 chip, and a new six-month version with a 2+2+2 landing formula.

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Author: Liza Budrina
Source: Motor.ru