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Chery has introduced a “brutal” crossover TJ-1. It is already known that it will enter the Chinese market this year and will receive a new hybrid power plant. It will be based on a highly efficient 1.5 turbo engine with a thermal efficiency of 44.5 percent. Up to a hundred TJ-1 will be able to accelerate in four seconds and a little, and the cruising range with a full tank and a charged battery will exceed 1,400 kilometers. The equipment list of the model will include a panoramic roof, a projection display and a media system based on a powerful Qualcomm chip.

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At the end of last week, Chery finally declassified the TJ-1 crossover. The debate about under which brand it will eventually be sold – the parent or one of the subsidiaries (Omoda, Jetour) – has not yet subsided, but the model is positioned as a machine for light off-road and nature trips. It will be one of the first to test the Kunpeng C-DM hybrid powertrain. It is based on a 1.5 turbo engine with a thermal efficiency of 44.5 percent. Up to a hundred TJ-1 will accelerate in 4.26 seconds, and the total power reserve will exceed 1400 kilometers.

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The TJ-1 will have simpler versions. The Chinese social network Weibo mentions a bunch of 1.6TGDI motor and 7DCT “robot”. Apparently, we are talking about the power unit Exeed TXL. The equipment of the crossover will include multimedia on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip with a 13.2-inch screen, dynamic interior lighting (64 colors), a widescreen projection display, a 540-degree view function and a 1.1 square meter panoramic roof. The official launch is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023.

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Simultaneously with the premiere of TJ-1, the Chinese announced a new brand Sterra. It is intended for “premium” electric vehicles and hybrids and will be similar in positioning to Exeed. The first-born “Sterra” will be the ES sedan, formerly known as the Exeed E03. He is promised air suspension, 800-volt electrical architecture, acceleration to “hundreds” in three seconds and a run without recharging more than 700 kilometers.

Author: Aleksey Nosachenko