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Volkswagen has a 558-horsepower electric sedan. A new product called ID.X Performance debuted as a concept at the ID.Treffen event in Locarno, Switzerland. The show car is a harbinger of the “charged” ID.7 with increased power, a sports body kit and a suspension lowered by 60 millimeters. The ID.X is expected to go into production in a couple of years and compete with the top-end Tesla Model 3.

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The ID.7 is already on sale in the European market, but so far it is presented in a single modification with a 286-horsepower electric motor of the new generation. And although it is more powerful than other electric cars of the German brand (204 horsepower), an even more powerful version is on the way, which can challenge not only the most expensive Tesla Model 3, but also the 544-horsepower BMW i4 M50.

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Such an electric car will go on sale in a few years, but now you can get a fairly accurate idea of what it will be like – the Volkswagen ID.X Performance show car is intended to demonstrate this. It has an aggressive sports body kit with carbon fiber elements and red accents on the “skirts”, a large rear wing (the production version is unlikely to get it) and 20-inch forged wheels.

Among the technical differences are a lowered suspension (the ground clearance has decreased by 60 millimeters) and an increased toe-in of the front wheels by 80 millimeters. It is known that the electric car spends less than four seconds to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour.

Volkswagen ID.X Performance 2023

The ID.7 is Volkswagen’s largest EV on the MEB platform after the ID.4 and the sixth model in the ID range. With its appearance, the German brand entered a higher price segment of sedans with a wheelbase of about three meters. Unofficially, the ID.7 was nicknamed the “electric Passat,” but in reality the ID.7 is larger than the current Passat in size. The key markets for the Volkswagen ID.7 are North America, Europe and China.

Author: Liza Budrina