Traffic Rating 2023

Cities in the world with the worst traffic jams are named. The Dutch company TomTom conducted an annual traffic congestion study, examining traffic in 387 cities in 55 countries on six continents. London turned out to be the slowest, where motorists drove a 10-kilometer distance in 2023 on average in 37 minutes. However, Dublin residents lost the most time in traffic jams – 158 hours per year. That is, the average Dubliner spent 6.5 days stuck in traffic jams.

The average motorist in London spent 148 hours stuck in traffic jams, according to TomTom. At the same time, the average speed during rush hour in the British capital was lower than in the Irish capital – 14 kilometers per hour versus 16.

London Traffic

Toronto took third place. There, drivers drove 10 kilometers in an average of 29 minutes, stood in traffic jams for 98 hours, and the average speed during rush hour was 18 kilometers per hour. The top ten cities with the heaviest traffic are Milan, Lima, Bangalore, Pune, Bucharest, Manila and Brussels.

The roads of American Oklahoma City turned out to be the freest – 8 minutes 40 seconds per 10 kilometers and only 19 hours in traffic jams per year.

Sources: Motor, TomTom