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Toyota showed a special version of the Tundra with an exclusive leather interior. In the spring of 2024, pickup trucks with the 1794 Limited Edition configuration will appear at American dealers. Differences from the original include a unique interior, decorative inserts on the body and an upgraded suspension with Fox shock absorbers. The new product is available only with a standard wheelbase, all-wheel drive, and the i-Force Max hybrid power plant; prices will be announced later.

Toyota Tundra 1794 Limited Edition 2024

The 1794 Limited Edition is named after the year the ranch was founded on the site of the Toyota plant in San Antonio (Texas, USA). Marketers decided to remind us of the art of leather dressing, so the interior of the special version of the Tundra is upholstered in thick light brown genuine leather, textured stitching has been added, and the name of the configuration is embossed on the backs of the seats.

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On the back of the front seats there are pockets with a lock on the strap, there are special leather handles, and the front panel is decorated with a plate with the serial number of the pickup truck. Similar inserts in the front doors, a non-standard name on the rear side. By default, the pickup truck has an “off-road” suspension with a 28 mm lift and shock absorbers with remote reservoirs.

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The color palette is limited to four shades: dark blue, black and brown metallics, as well as white pearl. You cannot refuse the factory anti-chrome, nor can you choose a non-hybrid power plant. This means that the V6-based gasoline-electric system will develop 443 horsepower and 790 Nm of torque.

Author: Sergei Ilin