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Over the past few years, various insider information has been published on the Web regarding Toyota’s plans to revive the iconic Rankle 70 SUV, also known as the Nanamaru. Now the rumors have been officially confirmed. The Best Car Web edition reported that the Japanese brand will present a new version of the legendary car in the fall of this year, which will be performed in a classic style. At the same time, in the technical part, the machine will receive modern components.

Toyota Rankle 70 2023

According to Toyota representatives, there is still demand for the Rankle 70 in the home market. The utility SUV is used by both private individuals and road services. The shape of the future Nanamaru is still kept secret. It is expected that the SUV will receive classic round headlights and massive front fenders. Instead of the brand logo, a large Toyota inscription will be placed on the radiator grille. Thus, the Japanese manufacturer will try to maintain continuity with the past car.

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In the technical part of Rankle 70, on the contrary, there will be significant changes. The SUV will be powered by a 2.8-liter diesel engine with about 200 horsepower from the current Land Cruiser Prado. Instead of the previous five-speed mechanics, Nanamaru will receive a six-speed automatic from the same Prado. In this case, the model will retain the differential lock from the original car. The premiere of the revived Toyota Rankle 70 is expected in the fall of 2023.

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Author: Anastasia Melnik