Rental Toyota Camry in Baku

It took the master 35 days to create a detailed copy.

The famous Vietnamese carpenter Truong Van Dao posted a new video on the Woodworking Art YouTube channel, in which he demonstrated the process of making a copy of the XV70 Toyota Camry from a solid block of wood. Since the exterior of the Japanese sedan is characterized by the presence of many curves and small details, the process of creating a wooden copy turned out to be quite painstaking. As a result, the artist managed to build an impressive model with functional elements.

In his work, the Vietnamese applied various woodworking techniques. The master carved some details by hand, and for some elements he used a machine tool and special tools. One of the most complex designs was the mesh grille. Carpenter also built opening doors, a hood, a trunk, and side mirrors and wheels. In addition, the master made a functional suspension and a movable steering mechanism.

Due to the many small details, Truong Van Dao spent 35 days building a wooden Toyota Camry. The Japanese sedan has become one of the few mass models that has received the attention of the legendary Vietnamese carpenter.

Toyota Camry by Woodworking Art

Author: Anastasia Melnik