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Tuners have turned the Range Rover into a silver ingot on giant wheels. The American studio 1016 Industries presented a new project based on the latest generation Range Rover SUV – the British car received a laconic aerodynamic body kit and very unusual wheels in design. Combined with the silver color and the characteristic exterior of the model, the details turned the car into virtually a silver ingot on wheels. The body kit is available in three different carbon fiber options and will cost from 28.5 to 40 thousand dollars.

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The set of aerodynamic elements includes a front splitter, extended side sills, wheel arch trims, a modified rear bumper with a diffuser and new exhaust pipes, as well as a roof spoiler.

The main feature of the project was the 26-inch wheels from RDB LA, which are made in retro style and have a virtually monolithic design. Huge wheels complement the appearance of the SUV and, due to the matte silver color, they form a single color scheme with the silver film that covers the body.

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“The Range Rover is a difficult car to modify in good taste. There are few body kits on the market that exactly match the style and elegance of the original Range Rover body, while at the same time complementing it. I believe that our newest set of parts has made this car even more advanced,” said 1016 Industries founder Peter Northrop.

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Author: Aleksandr Ponomarev