Rimac Automobili

Croatian automaker Rimac plans to introduce a fully autonomous taxi vehicle. The company, which was previously known for the Nevera electric hypercar, decided to explore another market – autonomous mobility, and for this they launched a new project, Project 3 Mobility. According to the plan, the first pilot project will be a fully autonomous robotaxi, which will be presented in 2026.

The founder of the company, Mate Rimac, has not yet disclosed the details of the project, but in a conversation with reporters, he said that the development is being carried out with the support of Kia. He added that the Croatian automaker wants to “change the lives of more people” by creating affordable and environmentally friendly urban transport.

Rent a Car 2026

According to the company’s plan, they will not only develop a fully autonomous car that can move without a driver, but also create the infrastructure for it. In particular, we are talking about the construction of charging stations, parking lots and parking lots.

Author: Anastasia Melnik
Source: Motor.ru