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A larger, three-row SUV is eventually going top Porsche’s lineup, but until then the Cayenne’s top dog.

Car Rental Porsche Cayenne in Baku

While it’s not the most affordable Porsche-let alone SUV-in the luxury performance SUV market, the Cayenne has had the distinction of being one of the best you can buy. Unless you needed cargo room, that is, thanks to its coupe-like design. It’s always been engaging and balanced on the pavement, but also far more capable than it might appear to be off-road. It was, however, due for a refresh from the third generation’s 2019 launch and, instead of taking a light pencil to the design, Porsche decided it was time to give the Cayenne a makeover before Stuttgart’s eventual three-row SUV takes over as top dog.

Porsche Cayenne 2024

While that bigger SUV will allow more cargo and people inside, the driving dynamics of the Cayenne aren’t on its radar. That’s where we’ll start this look at the 2024 refresh as it’s part of the “most extensive product upgrades in the history of Porsche,” according to its Vice-President for the Cayenne Product Line, Michael Schätzle.

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Author: Justin Banner