Porsche 911 Sally Carrera

A special version of the Porsche 911, built in honor of Sally Carrera, the heroine of the famous cartoon “Cars”, went under the hammer for $ 3.6 million. This is about 25 times more expensive than the regular Porsche 911 GTS, on which the unique special version is based. The buyer chose to remain anonymous. Porsche and Pixar have already announced that all proceeds will be donated to charity.

  • The amount paid for the Porsche 911 Sally Special set a price record for a new Porsche car. The company is not going to replicate this special version – the sports car will remain unique.
  • Sally Special was built by Porsche and Pixar to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the animation character. The hero of “Cars” is based on the Porsche 911 in the back of the 996, but the “live” Sally Carrera was created on the basis of the current version of the model. Thus, the Sally Special did not receive, for example, characteristic head optics (although the headlights of the sports car were chrome-plated), but at the same time it was equipped with rims stylized as the Turbo Twist of those times. The buyer will also be given an additional set of wheels designed for the track.

  • The Sally Special also features a number of design accents on the exterior and interior trim, a set of nameplates with the name of the car, and Cars franchise logos on the door cards. The driving mode switch on the steering wheel has the inscription Kachow! mode.
  • In addition to the car, the buyer will have a Porsche Design chronograph made in the same style, a case for a sports car and a book detailing the project.

The animated franchise “Cars” itself will receive a continuation on September 8th. On this day, the premiere of the animated series Cars on the Road will take place, which in nine episodes will tell about the new adventures of the main character Lightning McQueen and his friend and colleague Mater.

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