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Nissan will turn the Skyline sports car into a “charged” electric crossover based on the Ariya model. Already from the next generation, the legendary sedan will change its form factor in favor of a coupe-like SUV. According to the Japanese publication BestCarWeb, this will happen in 2025. It is expected that the new generation of the car will be built on the Ariya electric crossover platform. However, the same insiders previously reported that the future Skyline will remain a four-door sedan, but will receive a hybrid power plant.

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In recent years, Nissan has set out to update the iconic Skyline three times. Now, experts have finally decided to abandon the sedan and the internal combustion engine. The new Skyline is planned to be built on the architecture of the Ariya electric crossover. Despite the change in form factor, the brand is not going to get rid of the name of the legendary model. Nissan Vice President Asako Hoshino previously confirmed that the company would retain the Skyline name.

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The brand has already produced Skyline in the back of a crossover. The model was an analogue of the Infiniti EX37 model, which is currently known as the QX50. Most likely, the future Skyline will be made in the style of the coupe-shaped Infiniti QX55.

At the same time, the model will be more powerful than the current Ariya, whose twin-engine unit produces 394 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque.

In June last year, experts have already announced the revival of the Nissan Skyline in the crossover form factor. Then insiders reported that the debut of new items will take place in 2024.

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Author: Anastasiya Melnik