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Mercedes-Benz presents the latest generation of the E-Class with the index W214. One of the most important models of Stuttgart has always combined a classic approach (due to the extreme conservatism of the segment of business sedans and station wagons) with advanced technologies, and even design revolutions. Everything is the same this time: the E-Class is presented under the motto “bridge between tradition and digitalization.” However, the design revolution did not happen, and every Mercedes-Benz model without the letters EQ makes one wonder: is it really the last one? We think it’s too early to worry.

Mercedes E-Class

The new model can be considered the sixth generation of the E-Class only formally (and in fact there were twice as many) – the name E-Class itself appeared with the restyling of the W124 generation already in the nineties, but Mercedes themselves can easily trace the family tree of mid-size models to pre-war times. No wonder that each new generation of the E-Class is so important for Stuttgart.

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There is hardly anything in the appearance of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class that can be called a surprise. The formula is the same: the proportions of a noble sedan with a classic layout, rounded, balanced lines that are almost not subject to aging, and sides as smooth as sea stones. The volume of the sidewall is divided by a barely perceptible stamping, and the most noticeable ribs are longitudinal family strokes on the hood and dashing strokes of the shoulder line (it is single, but the rib is still interrupted in the area of ​​the B-pillars).

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The hood is long-and-thin, though there will be no more V8 engines under it, and the front end (from some angles) is comically flat. The headlights, which now collide with the high-gloss grille border in a straight line, try to appear double – an E-Class signature of its own.

Taillights with stylized three-beam stars look original, albeit on the verge of questions of good taste. However, it is a recognizable trait. Wait for the same on Aliexpress for your 211th. The ceiling lamps themselves, like the headlights, are also made, as it were, double – maybe at least this will help not to confuse the “yeshka” with the S-Class.

Mercedes E-Class 2024

Author: Andrey Motorov