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The unique Lotec hypercar released in a single copy was put up for auction. Created by German specialists in a single copy, the C1000 model is looking for a new owner. The car, which was ordered in 1990, remains one of the most powerful cars in the world to this day, and has no equal in terms of exclusivity. Now any wealthy connoisseur of unique hypercars can become the owner of a rare Lotec C1000. The road sports car was ordered by a certain oil tycoon from the United Arab Emirates.

Lotec C1000

The project, called Lotec C1000, was completed in 1995. The machine is built around a carbon fiber monocoque and has carbon fiber panels to keep the weight within reasonable limits. The coupe, weighing 1,080 kilograms, has 1,000 horsepower, which was taken from a 5.6-liter V8 turbo engine from Mercedes-Benz.

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The hypercar also received a racing Hewland 5-speed sequential gearbox and rear-wheel drive. According to the calculations of Lotec engineers, their offspring was capable of accelerating to 431 kilometers per hour – and this was three years before the appearance of the McLaren F1, which developed 386 kilometers per hour! – but if the British supercar was able to confirm its numbers in practice, then the German car was never officially tested for maximum speed.

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Which does not prevent the American company Curated from hoping for several million dollars in revenue for an exclusive hypercar. Lotec C1000 with a mileage of just over four thousand kilometers was put up for sale and they are ready to name the price only at the request of a potential buyer. For a new car, we note, more than 30 years ago, the customer paid about 3.5 million dollars.

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Author: Aleksandr Ponomarev