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In an interesting marketing choice, Infiniti, which has so far stayed out of the luxury EV market, plans to make its first electric vehicle a smooth sedan, rather than the more expected mid-size SUV that most of its competitors have chosen. Time will tell if that’s the right decision, but in the meantime, Infiniti showcased the concept for the electron-eating four-door ahead of the 2023 Tokyo Auto Show.

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The Vision Qe concept is a large fastback sedan with the smooth profile of a river rock. It’s so sleek it appears almost half-carved. Senior vice president for global design, Alfonso Albaisa, says that the Vision Qe is inspired by the Japanese expression, “Sho,” which invokes the powerful, but graceful, flight of an elegant bird. Certainly the design suggests movement, with swept-back body lines and a tapering rear.

Infiniti Vision Qe

The concept is finished in a dark metallic blue, flecked with gold and gold accents pepper the design from wheels to lit-up trim. Light plays a major part in the Vision Qe, with glowing details all across its barely upturned spoiler in the rear and tracing the shape of its widespread snowplow of a front fascia. Infiniti says the massive wheels with their interlaced wire pattern represent the wound coils of an electric motor, and they too are finished in a light gold.

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Author: Elana Scherr
Source: Car & Driver