Huawei Aito M5

While built-in games, autopilot and a steering wheel instead of a steering wheel have become the norm for Tesla owners, traditional manufacturers with a hundred-year history are trying to surprise us somehow. But the trouble does not come alone, and now China has taken up the break in the patterns in the auto industry.

Look at least at the first crossover branded: Huawei! Yes, a well-known smartphone manufacturer has become interested in cars, and the scope of the capabilities of this gadget on wheels is already becoming alarming. And what will happen to Opel, Fiat or Peugeot when these Chinese bestsellers flood into the world market?

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Estimate: the power of this smartphone on wheels under 500 hp, which allows you to accelerate to 100 km / h in four seconds. That is, you can now get to the dacha a few light years faster. Instead of a multimedia system, there is an almost full-fledged Huawei tablet with the proprietary Harmony OS operating system. And through this thing, you can take selfies, set up face id, and even choose the desired smell of air freshener in the cabin. No toxic Christmas trees on the rearview mirror! Check out the new Huawei Aito M5 video and be surprised what you managed to pack into a (seemingly) ordinary crossover for shopping trips.

Author: Ilya Frolov