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Haval named the new crossovers “Brave Dragon” in honor of the fighter jet. This is the name in China for a combat bomber, Chengdu FC-1 Xiaolong (JF-17 Thunder). The name Xiaolong was given to the crossover, formerly known under the code designation A07, and Xiaolong Max is now called the “older” and larger model, B07. Both vehicles are based on the LEMON architecture and are powered by a hybrid powertrain.

Haval Xiaolong Max

The “junior” Xiaolong is slightly larger than the Jolion, and the Xiaolong Max is larger than the Haval F7. Both of them are all-wheel drive, with an electric motor on the rear axle that develops 204 horsepower. The electric motor feeds the battery with a capacity of 20 kilowatt-hours, on one charge of which the hybrids travel up to 83 kilometers.

As for the internal combustion engine that is part of the hybrid installation, two 1.5-liter units are mentioned – the first produces 153 horsepower, and the second – 115 horsepower.

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Haval Xiaolong has already been featured in spy photos. Of the unusual elements in the exterior design, one can note the front design with a smooth panel, due to which a hybrid can be confused with an electric car – this is also typical for the large Xiaolong Max. The lights are made in the style of the Shenshou model, and a brake light is installed on the spoiler.

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Inside, there are dual screens of a digital instrument panel and a multimedia system, and the gearbox selector is placed on the steering column. It can be assumed that Xiaolong Max will receive a similar interior design.

The Chinese Cars portal expects Xiaolong crossovers to be sold at affordable prices. Production can start during 2023.

Haval Xiaolong

Author: Liza Budrina
Source: Motor.ru