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Haval is preparing an unrecognizable crossover H6. At the moment, it is not known for certain what status the novelty is in – is it a new generation or just a restyling. The fact is that the current third-generation Haval H6 has been on sale in China since 2020, so this may well be a deep modernization, during which the crossover will not only be significantly transformed, but will also receive a different engine. The document of the Chinese Ministry of Industry, which published pictures of the car, does mention a new power unit.

Haval Azerbaijan

Haval H6, captured in photographs from the base of the Ministry of Industry of China, resembles a coupe-shaped H6s – a radiator grill, a ventilation slot below the hood line and an optics design were borrowed from the cross-coupe. The document also provides dimensions: the upgraded H6 is longer and wider than the current crossover, and because of the new bumpers, the entry and exit angles have decreased from 20 and 27 to 19 and 24 degrees.

Haval H6 2023

For the novelty, a two-liter GW4N20A gasoline engine is announced, which develops 238 horsepower – this unit is familiar to Russians from the Dargo model. Most likely it will work in conjunction with a seven-speed “robot”. According to another version, the 2.0 engine will be paired with a nine-band robotic gearbox.

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The Chinese Cars portal suggests that the Haval H6 in the new design is exactly a restyled, and not a new generation, since the car platform has remained the same. It is likely that such a car will become one of the varieties of H6 in China, like the H6s, and will be positioned as a more sporty and youthful option.

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Author: Liza Budrina