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The first electric Range Rover is getting closer to reaching the heated garages and privately accessed driveways of well-heeled customers. To whet their appetites, JLR has released images that tease the look of the upcoming large, luxurious EV SUV. From what we can see, the Range Rover Electric will look a lot like its gas-powered and plug-in-hybrid counterparts. That’s not surprising, because when the newest generation was revealed a couple years ago, it was designed with an EV in mind.

The British brand’s first electric model will share the Modular Longitudinal Architecture (a.k.a. MLA Flex) platform with the more conventional Range Rover. Even though it’ll have a high-voltage battery, the EV version will still be able to adventure off the beaten path like models with internal-combustion engines.

Range Rover EV SUV

Range Rover says it has started putting prototypes through rigorous tests, including driving in extremely hot and cold temperatures and wading through water that’s up to 33.4 inches deep, which is exactly two inches shallower than what gas-fed models can handle.

Unlike Range Rovers with a fuel tank, the EV’s drivers will need to be wary of how far they wander from the nearest charging station. Otherwise, the electric Range Rover’s 800-volt architecture that’s designed to allow ultra-fast charging will be rendered useless.

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Much like most other technical details about the forthcoming electric model, there’s no word yet on its available battery sizes or estimated driving range. What we do know-and have for some time-is that the Range Rover Electric’s batteries and electric motors will be built at the company’s factory in Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the vehicle itself will be built alongside the regular Range Rover at the assembly plant in Solihull, U.K.

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While the Range Rover EV isn’t expected to arrive until sometime next year as a 2025 model, customers who can’t wait to get their hands on one can now get on the waiting list. That will put them near the front of the line when pre-orders become available.

Author: Eric Stafford
Source: Car & Driver