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Mercedes-Benz showed a new generation of the GLC crossover: a model with that name replaced the GLK more than 10 years ago and has since become one of the best-selling SUVs of the German brand.

The main things we know about the new GLC:

It has become larger than its predecessor: the length has grown by 60 mm, but at the same time 4 mm lower. The increase in dimensions had the most positive effect on the volume of the trunk – plus 70 liters (now 620 liters).
The model is based on a universal platform on which, for example, the C-class is built: a four-link suspension in front and a multi-link rear. Expensive versions of the GLC will receive air suspension.
For the first time, a fully steerable chassis will be offered for the model: the rear wheels will turn slightly (by 4.5 degrees). But this is an option.

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There will be an Offroad Engineering package that will not only give the car additional protection in the lower body, but also increase the ride height by 20mm. It will also be possible to equip such GLCs with a “clear hood” system, which will make driving through difficult sections a little easier.
Salon will be from the C-class. Of course, with some changes. But two huge screens will remain: this is a 12.3-inch instrument panel and 11.9-inch for multimedia, etc.
The Germans note that compared to its predecessor, the new model will have better sound insulation.
There will be a regular DVR and a fingerprint scanner.
The car will be connected to the smart home system. For example, you can ask: “Mercedes, is there anyone at home now.” And he will answer who is in the house. You can also ask the car to turn on the kettle, air conditioning, etc.
The firmware can be updated “over the air”. That is, the GLC will always have the latest and most up-to-date system.

All engines will be hybrid. Versions of the GLC 200 4Matic (204 hp and 320 Nm), GLC 300 4Matic (258 hp and 400 Nm) and GLC 200 d 4Matic (197 hp and 440 Nm) will receive a 48-volt starter-alternator . It will briefly add 23 hp to the power of internal combustion engines. and 200 Nm.
But there will also be “real” hybrids that can be charged from a wall outlet. They will be denoted by the letter “e”. These are versions of the GLC 300 e 4Matic (313 hp and 550 Nm), GLC 400 e 4Matic (381 hp and 650 Nm) and GLC 300 de 4Matic (333 hp and 750 Nm). Such models will have 31.2 kWh batteries and a 136 hp electric motor. it is stated that without gasoline hybrids will be able to drive up to 120 km.

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